Welcome To Friends Talking

FriendsTalking.jpg Friends Talking is a podcast of interviews with interesting people that explores the intersection of business, culture, and society. Interviews are generally conducted in the field, whether it's a coffee shop, their home or office, or on the street.I do some editing, but I've decided to put the full length of the interview on the podcast. This is different from commercial radio, which would have much shorter time restrictions. Even public radio probably wouldn't air these long interviews. So, if you find the people I'm talking with interesting, you're in luck, because you'll have time get to know them. So go ahead, listen to these on your computer, burn them to a CD to listen in your car, or transfer them onto your mp3 player. Why me? In my career, I've been a Freelance Programmer, Game/Simulation Designer, Executive Producer, Account Planner, Business Person, and Chipwich Street Vendor. I've learned that if you do your homework and ask nicely, people will talk to you. I'm hoping I'm asking the questions you wish everyone would ask, but don't. Please leave comments, especially if you'd like me to ask follow up questions, or if there's someone you'd like to me to interview. I look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at: friendstalking (at) joelandkaren (dot) com Please enjoy and tell all your friends! Joel Greenberg Austin, TX PS: These interviews are available for broadcast. Please email me at friendstalking (at) joelandkaren (dot) com.